Albino Avery

Albino Avery

Dried Shrooms

The Albino Avery is one of the rarest magic mushroom strains, owing partly to the fact that it is difficult to grow. This magic mushroom strain lack pigmentation, as as suggested by its name, it has a ghostly bright coloration.


Category: Dried Shrooms

About Albino Avery

Albino Avery or Avery's mushroom is an exotic magic mushroom strain that is believed to have been discovered by a geneticist after having experimented on pigment allocation and mutations on psilocybe cubensis A+

Albino Avery magic mushroom has a long-lasting physical high. It’s a magical mushroom for experienced consumers due to its intense and quick come-up effects.

Users experience mood-elevation, euphoria, and excitement within ten to thirty minutes after the use. Depending on your dosage level, you can experience mild to intense visual improvements.

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