Golden Emperor

Golden Emperor

Dried Shrooms

Golden Emperor is a genetic isolation from one of the most famous magic mushroom strains - Golden Teacher, first classified in the late 1980s and is loved by many psychonauts for its ability to consistently induce meaningful, insightful experiences, and intense feelings of euphoria and connectedness.


Category: Dried Shrooms

About Golden Emperor

The name comes from its golden-colored caps and because of the effect that makes it a powerful spiritual teacher. It grows medium/large mushroom fruiting bodies with a golden caramel/golden brown cap sometimes speckled with yellow. Caps also often display a triangular bump (or umbo in mycological terms) in the center. It is a moderately potent strain with a high yield that often produces 3-4 flushes of medium to large mushrooms.

Golden Emperor Shrooms are ready to show anyone who suffers from negativity. Criticism, cynicism, anxiety, melancholy, restlessness. And uneasiness that the best is always yet to come, and that the most enchanting mysteries are still patiently waiting. Golden Emperor is loved by many because of its ability to reinstate a sense of greater serenity. In small doses, the Golden Emperor offers a boost of vivacious energy. Making lights feel more twinkly while elevating consumers stuck in stressful or depressive episodes. Such as PTSD sufferers, into a Higher plane of existence. Fostering a cozy inner glow that breaks through all kinds of brain fog.
Golden Emperor offers much more revelatory rather than hallucinatory effects. Escorting the minds of the fidgety psychic wanderers craving to re-connect to their truest selves. This strain unleashes delightful, genial sensory reminders of all the beauty and wisdom surrounding us in them.

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