Golden Teacher

Golden Teacher

Dried Shrooms

Golden Teacher, also known as GT Mushroom or GT shrooms is a strain of psilocybe cubensis, and among one of the most sought-after strains of cubensis. It is one of the most potent and popular strains of the magic mushroom species.


Category: Dried Shrooms

About Golden Teacher

Golden Teacher (also known as GT Mushroom or GT shrooms) is a commonly cultivated strain of Psilocybe cubensis, one of the world’s best-known hallucinogenic mushrooms. The name reflects the light brown, yellowish, gold top caps of this strain (wild P. cubensis is usually a little darker) and also the insight many users report receiving.

GT shroom is known to be an averagely potent psilocybe cubensis strain, and trips are often shorter than average, only two to four hours - an advantage for beginners who don’t know yet whether they’ll like the trip. Users report a very calm, relaxing experience with only mild visuals but a strong body component.

Golden Teacher is among the easiest psilocybin strains to grow since it will fruit heavily on almost any substrate and even in suboptimal conditions. It’s a good choice for first-time growers. The only drawback is that this strain is somewhat slower to fruit than most. Colonization time is about two weeks, though it’s best to wait an extra week after colonization seems complete, just in case.

Golden Teacher, like most P. cubensis strains, will grow well by virtually any method, although the method must be carried through properly; growers who try out hybrid methods of growing and don’t have the experience to guide such experimentation often end up with poor results.

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