Great White Monster

Great White Monster

Dried Shrooms

Great White Monster (GWM) Magic Mushrooms is a relatively new P. Cubensis strain that was discovered by accident. This is a special strain as it is the only Psilocybe Cubensis strain known to have both albino and leucistic spores. The fruiting bodies of this magic mushroom are white like albino shrooms but it is in fact leucistic, and this is due to partial loss of pigmentation. The great white monster is also known to have large fruits. It is also known to be a slow but prolific grower.


Category: Dried Shrooms

About Great White Monster

Great White Monster (GWM) is another popular strain of magic mushrooms. This strain of Shroom is known for its strong psychedelic effect. It is easily considered one of the stronger strains of Psilocybe Cubensis. While the Great White Monster is known for its potency, it is also known for its therapeutic potential. At lower doses, it is known to be a great remedy for anxiety and depression.

History of the Great White Monster (GWM)

The Great White Monster Cubensis is a very popular mushroom that belongs to the Psilocybe Cubensis family. This mushroom is said to be a crossbreed of the Albino Avery and Puerto Rican strains. While breeding this mushroom it was accidentally exposed to reactive ammonium siloxane which resulted in the albino pigmentation of this mushroom. These mushrooms are known for their high psilocybin content.

Effects of the Great White Monster

The Great White Monster Cubensis offers a very strong psychedelic effect when consumed at higher concentrations. Users report seeing fractal patterns and hallucinations. Some users also reported experiencing synesthesia, where you hear colors and see sounds. At lower concentrations, the GWM offers a buzzy warmth that takes over your mind. This in turn is great for treating anxiety and depression. Because of the high potency of this mushroom, it is recommended to start with a lower concentration and slowly work your way up.

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